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wip/obconf-qt Qt based configurator of OpenBox window manager
wip/pcmanfm-qt LXQt pcmanfm Qt frontend
wip/pavucontrol-qt Pulseaudio mixer in Qt
wip/libfm-qt Core library of PCManFM-Qt
wip/lxqt-session Session manager
wip/qtermwidget Terminal emulator widget for Qt5
wip/liblxqt Core utility library for all LXQt components
wip/lxqt-admin LXQt admin panel
wip/lxqt-qtplugin LxQt platform integration plugin for Qt5
wip/lxqt-globalkeys Daemon and library for global keyboard shortcuts registration
wip/lxqt-openssh-askpass Tool used with openssh to prompt the user for password
wip/lxqt-notificationd Notification daemon and library
wip/lxqt-panel Desktop panel
wip/lximage-qt Image viewer and screenshot tool for the LXQt desktop
wip/qterminal Terminal emulator for Qt5
wip/libsysstat Library used to query system info and statistics
wip/lxqt-config System configuration (control center)
wip/lxqt-themes Themes, graphics and icons for LXQt
wip/libqtxdg Qt implementation of xdg specs
wip/lxqt-runner Launch applications quickly by typing commands
wip/lxqt-sudo LXQt GUI frontend for sudo
wip/lxqt-policykit Policykit authentication agent
wip/lxqt-about LXQt about dialog
editors/featherpad Lightweight Qt5 plain-text editor
editors/feathernotes Lightweight Qt5 hierarchical notes-manager
archivers/arqiver Simple Qt5 archive manager
devel/lxqt-build-tools LXQt build tools
wip/lxqt-powermanagement Daemon use for power management and auto-suspend
sysutils/ufetch Tiny system info for Unix-like Operating Systems
x11/qt5ct Tool for customizing Qt5-apps outside KDE
wip/lxqt-build-tools LXQt build tools