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wip/py-arxiv2bib Get metadata in BibTeX format
wip/py-graphpath Analysing graph-structured data, especially RDF
wip/py-logilab-pigg Python Interface Generator for Gtk implementation of the MVC pattern
wip/junit Automated testing framework for Java
wip/py-django-gitrevision Django git revision
wip/ocamlweb Ocamlweb is a literate programming tool for Objective Caml
geography/py-country ISO country, subdivision, language, currency and script
wip/py-ttk Ttk Python wrapper
wip/py-amqplib Client library for AMQP written by python
wip/py-behaviour Behaviour Driven Development in Python
wip/py-easydev Common utilities to ease the development of Python packages
wip/py-ptrace Python binding of ptrace
lang/csmith Random generator of C programs
net/py-gevent Python-gevent a coroutine-based Python networking library
wip/py-extremes Production-quality Min and Max objects (adapted from PEP 326)
devel/py-greenlet Lightweight in-process concurrent programming
devel/py-logilab-common Useful miscellaneous modules used by Logilab projects
devel/py-memcached Python memcached client
devel/py-pkginfo Query metadata from sdists / bdists / installed packages
wip/ldtp GNU/Linux Desktop Testing Project
devel/ninka License identification tool for Source Code
wip/py-utilib_ply PyUtilib utilities that use Ply
devel/py-coverage Python module that measures code coverage for Python
devel/py-daemon Library to implement a well-behaved Unix daemon process
devel/py-gitdb Git Object Database
devel/py-nose Unittest-based testing framework for python
devel/py-smmap Git implementation of a sliding window memory map manager
devel/py27-coverage Python module that measures code coverage for Python
devel/py-coveralls Python interface to API
devel/py-flakes Passive checker of Python programs
devel/py-astroid Rebuild a new abstract syntax tree from Pythons ast
wip/glista Simple task list management utility
wip/py-processing Library for running multiple Python processes using the threading API
wip/py-pytkgen Create Tkinter GUIs from JSON definition files
wip/py-cscope Generates a cscope index of Python source trees
wip/mce The DBus method calls provided by the Mode Control Entity
wip/py-utilib_excel PyUtilib utilities that use Excel spreadsheets
wip/py-modargs line argument parsing library that infers
wip/py-pmi Parallel Method Invocation
wip/py-aspyct Python library including an aspect-oriented programming (AOP) engine
wip/libcmt Composable Memory Transactions Library for C
wip/libslab Slab memory allocator in application layer
wip/py-logilab-mtconverter Library convert from a MIME type to another
wip/tktile Improved themeing engine for Tk
wip/py-workerpool Python multithreaded job distribution module
wip/py-async Framework to process interdependent tasks in a pool of workers
wip/py-digraphtools Python library for working with directed acyclic graphs
wip/py-ccuracy Pyccuracy is a BDD style Acceptance Testing framework
wip/py-codepy CodePy is a C metaprogramming toolkit for Python
wip/py-decoratortools Class, function, and metaclass decorators
wip/py-pyspark Apache Spark Python API
wip/py-setuptools_git Setuptools revision control system plugin for Git
wip/py-rdf Pure Python package providing the core RDF constructs
devel/py-kivy Library for rapid development of multitouch applications
wip/py-report Pyreport makes notes out of a python script
wip/py-utilib_component_loader PyUtilib plugins for loading external packages
wip/py-dreampie Advanced graphical interactive Python shell
wip/py-igraph Manipulating Undirected and Directed Graphs for Python
wip/py-siginterrupt Python interface to the siginterrupt system function
wip/py-utilib_enum Variant of the enum package that supports pickling
wip/py-srpy Easy access and remote control of local/remote Python instances
wip/py-utilib_component_app Application interface for the PyUtilib Component Architecture
devel/py-lockfile Platform-independent file locking module
net/py-foolscap RPC protocol for Twisted
textproc/libnxml C library for parsing, writing and creating XML files or streams
wip/libgzstream Gzstream is a small C++ library, basically just a wrapper
wip/py-py4j Enables Python programs to dynamically access arbitrary Java objects
wip/py-netcdf Python bindings for netcdf
wip/py-bitsets Ordered subsets over a predefined domain