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wip/py-jabberbot Module to enable easy creation of XMPP bots in Python
wip/squirrelmail-chg_sasl_passwd SASL password changing plugin for SquirrelMail
net/udns Lightweight DNS resolver supporting asynchronous queries
wip/py-jabber-icqt Transport connecting Jabber to the ICQ IM network
wip/squirrelmail-avelsieve Sieve Script editing plugin for SquirrelMail
wip/py-jabber-idavoll XMPP publish-subscribe (XEP-0060) component (via twisted)
wip/py-jabber-palaver XEP-0045 + XEP-0128 Multi-User Conferencing package
wip/swift Swift XMPP Client
wip/py-jabber-punjab HTTP XMMP client interface implementing BOSH/XEP-0124
devel/cvsd Run CVS pserver in a chroot-ed environment
wip/squirrelmail-vlogin Easy Virtual domain support plugin for SquirrelMail
wip/py-jabber-proxy65 XEP-0065 proxy transport for XMPP
textproc/p5-Text-Reform Manual text wrapping and reformatting
wip/py-jabber-yahoo-transport Transport connecting Jabber to the Yahoo! IM network
wip/copytape Copytape duplicates magnetic tapes, with only one drive
wip/swift-git Swift XMPP Client
wip/xtrkcad CAD program for designing model railroads
chat/swift Graphical XMPP Client
emulators/osf1_lib DEC/Compaq OSF-1/Tru64 compatibility package for netscape
wip/py-jabber-aimt Transport connecting Jabber to the AOL IM network
wip/squirrelmail-compatibility Previous version compatibility plugin for SquirrelMail